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About radar

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Tailored Shortlists

Radar, a recruitment optimization tool, leverages machine learning to generate personalized candidate shortlists for active jobs in your CRM.

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Revolutionary Approach

Setting itself apart, Radar is the first ML solution on the market that operates without the need for manual search input, distinguishing it from traditional tools.

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Efficient Hiring

Streamline your hiring process with Radar, utilizing advanced machine learning to identify and present the best candidates for each open position in your CRM.

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Auto Selection

Experience a paradigm shift in recruitment technology as Radar autonomously generates candidate shortlists, eliminating the need for manual search input required by traditional tools.

Save time

Radar is fully embedded within your CRM and works completely behind the scenes to match CVs within your database to live roles. Radar can scan 1000's of CVs a second to ensure that within a minute of adding a new role, consultants are given a shortlist of relevant CVs in your database. The amount of CVs displayed can be changed depending on the level of experience of the consultant.

Through a custom tab that has been designed by recruiters, Radar takes users through a 'tinder style' accept / reject process before displaying results in a clean and easy to read format.

Discover Talent

Radar uses a number of different features that expert recruiters look for to match candidates to relevant roles. Example features include, job title, industry, company, standardised skills, years of experience, location etc.

All Radar matches are tracked and embedded within the CRM, on the job and candidate records to ensure that intelligence remains within your business and is not lost within excel spreadsheets and notepads!

Radar Analytics

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Performance Metrics

Evaluate model performance through Accept and Reject ratios, providing insights into the effectiveness of your recruitment process.

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Strategic Data Insights

Embrace a data-driven approach by learning about the skills, industries, and experience of candidates in your database, empowering strategic decision-making in your recruitment strategy.

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Efficiency Monitoring

Track the time from match to action creation, ensuring real-time visibility into the speed of your hiring workflow.

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Cost Analysis

Compare the value of placements within your database with those from LinkedIn and job board spend, enabling informed decisions on resource allocation.

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ROI Transparency

Monitor CV submissions, Interviews, and Placements to easily track Return on Investment (ROI) and gain clear insights into the value generated.

Meet Our Team

We are a diverse group of professionals dedicated to revolutionising recruitment.

photo of Alex Odwell
Alex Odwell
Managing Director

15 years recruitment expertise. Launched two successful recruitment companies and seen as an industry expert in crafting innovative solutions to increase recruiter profitability.

photo of Abu Salim
Abu Salim

Experienced Software Engineering Manager having previously held the position Chief of Staff Engineering for Thought Machine. MSc Software Engineering - University ofOxford.

photo of Max Murmann
Max Murmann
ML Engineer

ML Engineer with experience working with AI startup companies. BE in Aerospace, Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering from Queen Mary University of London.

photo of Artem Reshetnikov
Artem Reshetnikov
ML Engineer

ML engineer with previous experience working at the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre as a Deep Learning Researcher. Phd in Machine Learning.

We're hiring!

We're looking for Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineer's to join our team. Interested in finding out more? We'd love to chat.